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Benefits of Cassava

A diet that regularly incorporates cassava brings plenty of nutrients to the organism such as vitamin C, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B. Medically speaking, cassava helps to reduce cholesterol, control blood pressure and to combat severe headaches.

Punto Franco Agrocommodities has established a production that has now reached close to 3,000 tons annually.

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The discovery of Pineapple


Did you know that, in pre-Columbian times, the Guarani Indians who inhabited the Brazilian island of Guadalupe spiced up their favorite dish, human flesh , with slices of pineapple? That was how Christopher Columbus discovered the pineapple in his Second Voyage.

The traveling lemon


The Arab Islamic expansion in the ancient world and the great Crusades introduced lemons into Europe from Southeast Asia, and from there they crossed the Atlantic on Columbus’ first voyage, for the sailors considered it essential to combat the dreaded scurvy disease, an illness caused by deficiency of vitamin C.

Avocado oddities


The spanish name for avocado, "aguacate" , comes from the Nahuatl Mexican pre-Columbian language "ahuacatl " which means "testicle ", because of the way its fruits hang from the branches.

As healthy as Cassava

healthy Cassava

Did you know that cassava is a food that helps control severe headaches, lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels? If you incorporate cassava in your daily diet, you will be nurturing your body with elements such as vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, carbohydrates and B group vitamins.

Tangerine oddities


For lack of a better name, Europeans found no alternative but to christen the tangerine inspired by the sumptuous costumes dressed by the ruling class in China, the Mandarins. This is why tangerine is "Mandarina ". in spanish.

An ally in the weight-loss battle

Banana Punch

Want to lose weight fast? A drink that will provide vitamins, low calories and protein is liquefied bananas and peanuts, made into a punch. Both ingredients provide energy and peanuts will give you plenty of protein. For this reason, it is ideal as a substitute for solid food. Try it 3 times a week and lose 2 kilos in 6 days.


Farm to your table

Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) also kdnow as manioc or cassava, is native to tropical South America and has been extended by all the world’s tropical regions. After the traditional cereals (wheat, maize, rice), is one of the major food items.

What are functional foods?

Functional foods are those that have a positive effect on health and improvements in the digestive process, reduce the risk of some diseases (increased immunity), conventional foods are fortified with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc.

Cleaning and disinfecting a very important step for quality

Cleaning: is the process or the operation of food waste disposal or other undesirable foreign matter.

Cold wave

800 000 hectares of crops flooded in Colombia, still not talking about food shortages, it is assumed that you could lose a six-month harvest, while re-align the land for planting.

Do we read the nutrition labels for consumers?

The information found on the labels gives us a better understanding of the product in terms of features and quality, thus giving us the ability to make better choices when purchasing.

Food preservation

Freezing is a way of preserving food to store for long periods of time at a temperature of -18 º C, through this process becomes food water into ice crystals, leaving it temporarily dehydrated.

Tasty root latin

The ulluco is a tuber edible, cultivated in South America and in Colombia is in the areas high Andean departments of Boyaca, Cauca, Cundinamarca and Nariño, with high potential of Carbohydrates, vitamin C, sugars and proteins.

Methods for the conservation of the food

The not controlling the proliferation of microorganisms in the food industry, would have many problems of public health by the poisoning of consumers. That is why as they have spent the years, have been investigated different forms of conservation of food to prevent these problems.

Kopla new products

On 11 November at the administrative headquarters of Armenia Kopla tasting event of new products based on cassava and plantains, in coordination with the Management of Innovation and commercial.

Food Additives

When we name the word food additives is believed to be something very new, but it turns out that for thousands of years before Christ even use additives like yeast, salt and vinegar.

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